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example of single crochet
I have been crocheting for many years.  My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl.  I would watch her crochet a pot holder or an afghan with my eyes focused on each stitch and how she would hold her crochet needle and thread.  I was fascinated!  It was amazing to watch, and at the time I thought she was an expert at it,  she was moving so gracefully and quickly through each row like she was just writing a letter or talking on the phone, effortless.  In time I learned how to make the single crochet and would make all kinds of things with just single crochet.  My first design was a square dish clothes made in single crochet with a size J/10-6 mm crochet hook and some bulky yarn. 
I thought it was Awesome! 

As I got older and had my two daughters, I fell out of working on my crochet, guess I was just too busy for it.  I worked full-time at the Local hospital, here in town, as a clerical specialist and found that I barely had time to fix dinner, much less crochet.   After years of raising my girls .. I pick up a crochet hook and bought some yarn and there it was, just like when I was a child, Fascinated and Loving it!  But I wanted to learn more.   But, My grandmother had passed on, God Bless her Soul, and I just didn't know where to start.  I jumped on my computer and just put in the word "Crochet" and there it was,  Everywhere, All over the Internet, crochet tutorials, how-to's, free patterns, patterns to buy, Stores that sell patterns, shops that sell yarn and needles, I was in HEAVEN!  I jumped right in and with the help of Google and The Crochet world via the Internet, I learned how to crochet just about everything I wanted to know.  It wasn't easy at first, a lot of boo boos and UN-raveling and a bit of frustration sometimes, But i was driven to learn.  I like to think that this passion came from my grandma, her ancestors descended from Sweden and passed down their patterns to her which she passed on to her children and then to their children, from generation to generation.  I felt the need to continue this tradition in Memory of My Grandma and our ancestors.  I hope to teach, learn, create and share all I can about crochet and its history.    

My Hand crocheted Baby Brimmed hat made to fit 6 months to 12 months

In My blog I will be sharing my hand made crocheted items for sale now on Etsy http://etys.com/shop/jgcrochetcreations And everything about Crochet and some of my favorite things, Including my favorite baking recipes :)  My favorite is Cupcakes !!

Working on some new summer projects, Hand crocheted toys:
My Little Turdie, My newest creation

My little computer buddy :)  I make him with 100% cotton

Thank you for visiting, I hope you join me in this Beautiful Journey of Creating and exploring the wonderful World of Crochet.

Jennifer's Genuine Crochet Creations

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