Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to crochet a beaded medallian

I love to use this pattern for my necklaces.  You can use any kind of chain you desire, or crochet a simple single crochet chain and attach the jump rings and lobster clasp (for closing the necklace)

  • Size 10 crochet thread in desired color
  • Size 7 (1.65 mm) steel crochet hook
  • Sewing thread to match crochet thread
  • 10 small pearls or beads
  • Beading needle
  • At least 16-inch length of chain
  • Jump rings
  • Lobster clasp (for closing the necklace)
  • Glass button (optional)
  • Straight-nosed pliers and wire cutters

Gather your materials.
Begin by threading 10 pearls or beads onto your crochet thread.

If your beads don't have holes large enough for the crochet thread to pass through, use a beading needle to thread them onto sewing thread that matches your crochet thread. You'll hold the sewing and crochet thread together when you get to the beading round (round 4).

Crochet the motif according to the pattern below. Before beginning round 4, grab the beaded thread (if using) and hold it together with the yarn. Turn the work before you start round 4, since the beads will fall to the back of the stitch (the right side of the medallion).
Medallion Pattern
(Note: This pattern uses standard crochet abbreviations For an explanation of "bdc" [beaded double crochet], see the photo in the next step.)

Ch 4, join with a sl st to form ring.
Round 1 (RS): Ch 2, 10 hdc in ring, join with a sl st to first hdc—10 hdc.
Round 2: Ch 2, 2 hdc in each hdc around, join with a sl st to first hdc—20 hdc.
Round 3: Ch 6 (counts as dc, ch 3), *sk next hdc, (dc, ch 3) in next dc; rep from * around, join with a sl st to 3rd ch of beginning chain, TURN—10 dc, 10 ch-3 sps.
Round 4 (WS): Sl st to ch-3 sp, (ch 2, bdc, ch 2, sl st) in same ch-3 sp, (sl st, ch 2, bdc, ch 2, sl st) in each ch-3 sp around; join with a sl st in first ch-2—10 "petals."

Weave in the ends. Sew an antique glass or pearl button to the center, if desired.

To make a beaded double crochet: yarn over, insert hook through ch-3 space, and draw up a loop. Yarn over and draw yarn through the first 2 loops on your hook. Slide one bead up to the back of your crochet hook, yarn over, and draw through the remaining 2 loops on your hook.
Once you've completed the motif, fasten off and weave in the ends. Sew an antique glass button to the center of the motif, if desired. You might also want to block or starch the motif.

For Standard Abbreviations see located at the bottom of the page.

Thank you, If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.


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