Monday, April 18, 2011

how to make a Pom Pom

Pom Poms are fun and Easy to make all you need is some yarn and scissors. Follow these four easy steps to complete your Pom Pom, to make a smaller pom pom use two fingers instead of three.

Step 1. Wrap your yarn around three fingers about 100 times

Step 2:  Slide Bundle of yarn off your hand, be careful to keep bundle in the same postition

Step 3.  With the same color of yarn, about 5 inches in length, tie bundle tightly together in the middle

Step 4:  Cut all the loops on the bundle, then trim it to shape

I hope this helps for making a pom pom with yarn.  To make a fuller pom pom wrap more yarn around your fingers.  Pom Poms make great accessories for hats and baby items. 

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